The iBloodlink App

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited (ISN), a certified ISO9001 Managed Service Provider organization announced today 15thof March, 2016 on its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative to partner with iBloodlink, a platform (iBloodlink application) that will help facilitates a connection between blood donors and blood recipients in ISN home country, Nigeria..

As a result, this application enable users link themselves into a world of people in need or willing to help, should recipients require Blood, Platelets and Bone marrows from donors.

According to the National Blood Data Resource Center, it is generally safe to donate whole blood once every three months or plasma more often. In fact, every year approximately 4.5 million people receive blood transfusions in the United States and these lives saving blood are donated by about 8 million volunteers..

For this reason, ISN is committed to doing business responsibly, by promoting iBloodlink in its home country, also, help save lives and encourage donors and people who are willing to donate blood, platelets and bone marrows on behalf of humanity..

This partnership will enable us support our own commitments to ethical sourcing, community involvement, more so, ISN strongly believe with just few clicks, Nigerian Donors and Recipients in need of blood, bone marrows and platelets can use this platform to find their necessary and desired blood group stress-free!

For more inquiries, please visit:
iBloodlink website
iBloodlink website
ISN - Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited

“Tears of a mother cannot save her child, but your BLOOD can”

Please download the iBloodlink App here and save lives today!!!

Please Download the iBloodLink App