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With the focus on Quality Management and Services, and through more than 18 years of experience, We shaped IT and communications strategy and deliver the associated infrastructure and services that enable companies to operate effeciently, and individuals to connect seamlessly. Our skills span every component of IT environment and we operate with a range of cross functional teams making every possibility a reality.


Value Added Products

Bandwidth Management “Cyberoam“

Internet Solutions Nigeria provides Identity-based Unified Threat Management solution that offers network security with a complete management of each and every user on the system.

Unified Threat Management

Cyberoam Utilizes layer 8 technology to identify source of attack, control all network activity and provide identity-based tracking to intruders. We see that your data is always protected and accessible whenever and wherever it is needed, regardless of geographical location By utilizing comprehensive security protocols.

“LifeSize“ Video Conferencing Equipment

Professional and Semi-Professional Video Conferencing Systems using HD quality resolution with special caching configuration optimizing performance and delivery.

Lifesize Video Conferencing

Internet Solutions Nigeria is a major partner to Life Size and other major Video Conferencing providers.

“DROBO“ Automated Storage Systems

Drobo is used For on-premises physical servers.

DROBO backup and automated storage systems

Drobo offers a heterogeneous Data Protection and seamless backup solution which ensures zero loss of data through multiple redundant scalable drives.

DROBO is a system truly tried and tested ensuring unrivaled maximum data storage and protection at all times and in all conditions..

Practical Drive & Briefcase provide users with a seamless way to keep all their files backed up through the a virtual hard drive on the internet CLOUD.

Computers, Networking & Accessories

Internet Solutions Nigeria is an Authorized Business Partner to Top Quality brands in Computer Hardware
(HP, Acer, Dell, etc.) and accessories (UPS, Power Invetors, Access Points, etc)

Supply Computers and Accssories

Internet Solutions Nigeria is also a Proud Business Partner with Top Networking Companies Like Cisco, Barracuda & not last Bluecoat.

We are Covering your network needs for routers, security & managing traffic.

Turnkey Website

Providing Turnkey solutions for Domain Name Registration, SSL Certificates, SiteLock and Security, reliable webhosting, Website design and Development, and development tools for Businesses and Home users alike. With hosted websites and custom email addresses,

Host Servers

our systems offer integrated solutions for personal, corporate and e-commerce requirement.

In addition, Cloud-based services offers cloud back-up as well as the latest “Cloud-Briefcase” system.

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited has developed a unique design of its network and services:
- High speed quality connectivity solutions designed for Corporate and Residential Clients
- Technical HELP Line offering valuable after sales support and advice to clients
- Value added storage, hosting & video conferencing solutions providing cost savings to the operations of any business
- Offer a wide variety of features through its dedicated website and web-portal that make emailing and surfing the Internet fun!
- Custom solution unique to the requirement of each Business and Residential Estate.
- Full redundancy on every layer of both its wireless and high-speed fiber network nationwide

With this as an established standard, ISN sets itself apart from other ISP’s and enforces its commitment to service excellence and competent technical support.

Network Coverage 92% West Africa
Networking Fiber Optic & Wifi

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ISN Nigeria’s Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides a reliable solution for connecting your branches both on a NATIONAL Level and a GLOBAL Level. MPLS VPN Network provides a complete solution for all your voice, data, and multimedia applications, allowing you to connect all your branches to your headquarters.
Point to Point Leased Lines utilize state of the art security measures when linking you website to our main branch (BlueCoat & Cisco). Disaster recovery sites are also available in case of emergency. This service makes a huge difference to your business, by building a virtual private network that acts as an extension of your Local Area Network (LAN) over Wide Area Network (WAN) network.
Suitable for:
• Banking and financial institutions
• Governmental and semi-governmental entities
• Any multi-site corporation