Your cloud, your rules

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PracticalDrive, powered by NextCloud server software, puts your data at your fingertips, under your control. Store your documents, calendar, contacts and photos on your own secure and private cloud storage.

PracticalDrive gives you access to all your files wherever you are.

ISP Internet service Provider Nigeria

Manage, access, share or backup and sync your files with the free apps or directly from your browser. Your PracticalDrive is easily accessible from your PC, tablet or mobile. Backup all your mobile photos too with the free iOS/Android app.

Mobile and Desktop Clients

Sync and collaborate on your desktop or laptop

ISP Internet service Provider Nigeria

You can connect to your PracticalDrive cloud storage using the free NextCloud desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. With these you can keep one or more folders full of your photos, videos and documents synchronized with your cloud storage. Any file you add, modify or delete in the synced folders on your desktop or laptop will show up, change or disappear on the server and all other connected devices. Thanks to the client software, you can work with your files even when you are not online! The file manager integration means you can see what files are synchronized and you can easily share them directly with other users on your server or using a public link. The desktop client will also notify you when something happens on PracticalDrive storage, for example if you receive a new share. You can also see a history of what happened with your files in the Activity overview.


Corporate and Personal Packages

N2500 /Month
1TB cloud storage upgradable to 30TB
Store, access & share files from all your devices
Edit any MS Office document from within your driveInternet Solutions Nigeria’s Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides a reliable solution for connecting your branches both on a NATIONAL Level and a GLOBAL Level.

N6500 /Month
2TB private cloud server, upgradable to 30TB
All features of Personal
Create as many users as you wish and assign a drive quota to each. Each user will have his/her own private PracticalDrive