Internet Solutions Multi Unit Dwellings “MUDs“ Services

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited has developed viable options for residential buildings. We work with facilities managers, landlords and/or tenants to create customized high speed Internet Access for Homes, apartments, executive suites and buildings and multiple tenants in MUDs, ensuring quality connectivity service.
A variety of features are available to our clients in MUDs.

Some of these include:

  1. 24/7 Internet connectivity home use services plan
  2. We monitor our esteemed clients’ Internet links and provide 24/7 Technical support
  3. Significant cost savings compared to standard leased line solutions
  4. Installation within days, bandwidth upgrade within hours
  5. Managed firewalls and secure VPN access

Multi-Protocol Label Switching “MPLS“ Services

Internet Solutions Nigeria Ltd, via her network and strategic partnerships, provides West-African and Nationwide reliable inter Branch connectivity to her clients via:

  1. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Network.
  2. Optical fibre connections.
  3. Point-to-Point connections etc.

Our network contains numerous redundancies and multiple monitoring systems at various layers.

From “hard to reach” rural and remote places to metropolitan areas, Our Talented Network Architects, Senior Engineers and systems integration technicians, will enable you to rapidly design, deploy, setup, and commission your communications network systems, as we retain the utmost versatility on providing central monitoring of all network elements.


ISN provides you with the optimum network design, equipment & configuration to suit your requirements ensuring high level security and performance.


  • Virtual Private Network: provides branches or remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization’s network.
  • BlueCoat: Network security managed by policy and rules at multiple levels.
  • Cisco Network: Routers that form the backbone of the internet in any network.
  • Barracuda Link Balancer: Routing and managing of traffic across multiple internet connections and distributes internet and content to multiple networks.

IT Network Management

Hybrid Network Design: The network is engineered in a way that provides the user with speed from its submarine-cable link but at the same time maintaining a reliable link through its multiple backup feeds which ensure the connectivity is up at all times.

Backhaul Links & Content Management: The design of backhaul links, management and operation of the network is controlled by an automated bandwidth-management software which controls how the users’ requests are prioritized.

Redundancy of all Systems: Multiple backbones from multi-provider into high-capacity integrated network managed by the latest Bandwidth Management equipment and supported by multi-protocol firewall. All hardware and software are set up with a view to achieving maximum redundancy.

Network Operations Center: Our NOC is manned by qualified engineers who are “on-call” to receive customer complaints and assign the necessary resources to resolve a problem. The company operates a “maintenance ticketing system” in which every complaint, and subsequent resolution, is logged and monitored to ensure the high standards of ‘Service Excellence’ are maintained.

Bandwidth Management

At ISN we established tight security procedures and protocols to control and protect the data and networks of our clients. For that, we have established business partnership with leaders in Software and Hardware Technology.

Cyberoam: Utilizes layer 8 technology to identify source of attack, control all network activity and provide identity-based tracking to intruders

Cisco Security interface provides network configuration parameters and defines authorized interaction between security appliances.

Kaspersky Lab provides server and end user protection against viruses, worms, malicious programs, hacker attacks, spam and spyware.