Residential Internet Service Providers (ISP)

- Fixed Wireless Residential Solution
- Eclipse Low-Cost VSAT Solution
- Satellite Internet Nigeria
- Broadband Providers in Nigeria
- High Speed Internet Access for Homes, Houses, Apartments, Buildings

ISP Commercial, Business, Corporate Internet Service providers Solutions

ISP Internet service Provider Nigeria

- Fixed Wireless Enterprise Solution
- Eclipse Low-Cost VSAT Solution
- High performance VSAT Solutions
- Satellite Internet Nigeria
- Broadband Providers in Nigeria
- 4G & LTE for Nigerian Companies
- High Speed ISP Services

Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs)

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited has developed viable options for residential buildings. We work with facilities managers, landlords and/or tenants to create customized high speed Internet Access for Homes, apartments, executive suites and buildings and multiple tenants in MUDs, ensuring quality connectivity service. A variety of features are available to our clients in MUDs. Some of these include:

- 24/7 Internet connectivity home use services plan
- We monitor our esteemed clients’ Internet links and provide 24/7 Technical support
- Significant cost savings compared to standard leased line solutions
- Installation within days, bandwidth upgrade within hours
- Managed firewalls and secure VPN access

Inter-Branch Connectivity

Connect Your Branches Multi Protocol Network MPLS

Internet Solutions Nigeria’s Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides a reliable solution for connecting your branches both on a NATIONAL Level and a GLOBAL Level.

MPLS VPN Network provides a complete solution for all your voice, data, and multimedia applications, allowing you to connect all your branches to your headquarters.

Point to Point Leased Lines utilize state of the art security measures when linking you website to our main branch (BlueCoat & Cisco). Disaster recovery sites are also available in case of emergency. This service makes a huge difference to your business, by building a virtual private network that acts as an extension of your Local Area Network (LAN) over Wide Area Network (WAN) network.

Suitable for:

  1. Banking and financial institutions.
  2. Governmental and semi-governmental entities.
  3. Any multi-site corporation.

Our Internet Features:


  • High-end solutions for Rural, Marine, & mobile VSAT solutions
  • VSAT Shared and Dedicated: ISN-SAT.
  • Links C Band Hub 1: 5Mbps Capacity 25Mbps.
  • Cloud Based Services.
  • Wifi and Hotspot Connection Solutionss.
  • Fiber Optic connectivity.
  • Satellite VSAT Internet and MPLS connections.


  • Fixed Wireless Access for SMEs, corporate and residential users.
  • VSAT access for corporates and residential users.
  • West African coverage.
  • Strategic Channel Partnership Model