Email Services

Creating and managing customized, spam free, and efficient storage email accounts to your domain name on the internet with an easy to use, control panel has never been easier.

Email Services by ISN - Store 10 years worth of email
- Retain your desktop software of choice, Outlook Web Access
- Benefit from a robust spam & virus protection
- Never concern yourself with downtime again
- ActiveSync© for iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile


At ISN we offer Balanced Load Hosting, dedicated or shared, Domain Name Registration, SSL Certificates, Site lock, and Site Security

Our web Hosting Package is Bundled Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla to save you extra unnecessary expenses. You are responsible for your code, scripts, applications, data and website security, while We take care of server patching and upgrades, DNS, firewalls, load balancers, storage, databases, servers and the network to make sure that your website is always up and running.

Web Hosting

Other than a 99.9% guaranteed uptime since your website will be load balanced on many servers, our cloud hosting scales to handle traffic spikes. If your website suddenly gets a surge of thousands of visitors, our hosting platform will be able to handle the load.

Our cloud-based web hosting solution ensures your business’s sites stay up and running without infrastructure and server headaches. It is fully scalable, can handle millions of web requests per minute and readily supports a multitude of platforms and technologies. You won’t ever worry about your websites crashing again.

Cloud Hosting & Backup

Thanks to NOVA-Host cloud-based backup, you will be able to enjoy unlimited disk space when backing up your business computers. NOVA will store up to 30 versions of every one of your files in a completely secure environment, while data retrieval is made simple thanks to our centralized administration. We’ve got you covered in case of a major issue or crash.

- Take advantage of unlimited disk space.
- Store up to 30 versions of every file.
- Take control of your computers’ backups.
- Access your files anywhere.
- Never worry about your data’s security.
- Benefit from our IRONCLAD SUPPORT™

Website Design & Website development

Website Design in Nigeria

At ISN we develop sophisticated, SEO ready and responsive websites for your both corporate and personal use. A website can help you generate more customers. Not just outside your city, but worldwide. The internet offers a global community. With a website, your business will be visible around the world. Our Team of Talented, creative, detail oriented designers and developers wizard the net to bring you the most state of art technology and design trends.
Whether a complex Ecommerce or simple blog, C.V. or portfolio, Corporate or Personal, ISN designs, develops and supports your website and ensures for well structured, Vision oriented, speed loads and trendy design.